A estreia a sério de Lindstrom

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A Feedelity e a Smalltown Supersound preparam-se para editar em estreita colaboração o álbum de estreia a solo de Hans Peter Lindstrom que levará o título It's a Feedelity Affair. No site da Feedelity já é possível ouvir uma série de faixas deste aguardado álbum que é precedido pelo single Contemporary Fix que tem a particularidade de mostrar os talentos de Lindstrom num instrumento que é novo no seu arsenal - o banjo!
Este é de facto o primeiro álbum de Lindstrom, depois da sua estreia com Prins Thomas e do álbum que compilava uma série de maxis que foi editado pela japonesa Outergaze - Another Side of Lindstrom).
Fica aqui o texto incluído no site da Feedelity sobre o álbum It's a Feedelity Affair que deverá ver a luz do dia já no próximo dia 23 de Outubro.

It is with great pleasure that Smalltown Supersound can announce that the label will release Lindstrom`s debut album "It's a Feedelity Affair" in collaboration with Lindstrom himself and his Feedelity label. The album will be released the 23th. of October 2006 and includes among others his hits "Another Station" and "I Feel Space". The liner notes are written by NYC producer Daniel Wang.

Both Smalltown Supersound and Lindstrom/Feedelity are from Norway and a mutual trust, respect and understanding led to this collaboration. Lindstrom has obviously got many offers from records labels around the world, but he chose to stay independent and have control of his own music. Smalltown Supersound on the other hand found a soulmate in Lindstrom and the perfect sound for the label in Lindstroms`s music. Lindstrom fitted perfectly with the labels electro/electronica/pop roster with artists such as Bjorn Torske, Tussle, 120 Days, Kim Hiorthoy, Toy, Lars Horntveth, Jaga Jazzist and Mental Overdrive, the core of the label being Norwegian electronic music.

Lindstrom`s career took off after a string of critically acclaimed 12" singles that alone started a movement the press later would call "space disco". He is also well known for his remixes and has among others remixed LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, Franz Ferdinand, Annie and DFA`s Juan McLean. Last year Lindstrom also released a duo album with Norwegian DJ and friend Prins Thomas, titled "Lindstrom and Prins Thomas", an album that was released on Eskimo Records to wide critical acclaim. His most famous track and 12" , "I Feel Space" (released on both Playhouse and Feedelity), has now sold 17 000 copies, an impressive number these days for a vinyl only release. But now its finally time to compile all of Lindstrom`s seminal 12" on CD and download for the first time. The album also includes The Contemporary Fix, a new track from the 12" vinyl-single which has already been supported by Pete Tong and Annie Mac on BBC radio. Early in 2007 we will also release a single/EP from the album with a remix by EYE of the Boredoms.